Connectors:  RJ11, RJ45, D-Sub, SCSI, USB, Firewire, IEC, Mini Din, HDMI, Audio, Headers, Sockets, RCA, FPC, DVI, SATA and Power Cords.
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HolyStone manufacturers Multilayer ceramic caps, high voltage, X1,Y1,Y2, Y3 safety caps, high capacitance MLCC, High capacitance NPO/COG, safety ceramic disc, soft terminations and coatings.
Idea manufacturers Light emitting diodes (LED's), indicators, Displays, phototransistors, and infrared emitters.
MoxiE Inductor Corp. manufacturer's shielded and unshielded power inductors, LAN Transformers, ADSL Transformers, Chip Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, RJ45 Magnetics, Pro Audio Transformers, Tunable Inductors and Customs.
QA manufacturers Test/spring probes used for automatic testing of bare and loaded PC boards.
Unisen Ltd:  Contract manufacturer/ODM,  Located in Guang Dong Province PRC and Hong Kong.  35,000 sq. ft., 938 employees, founded in 1996.
Comchip manufactures a wide range of diodes and rectifiers from: Schottky, switching, zener, bridge rectifiers, efficient fast rectifiers, and surge suppressors such as TVS and ESD for circuit protection.
Ametherm is a US manufacturer of NTC Thermistors and Inrush current limiting devices.  They offer a broad range of both leaded probe assemblies and SMT type packages.
OVP products; GDT, TSS and TVS products for protecting I/O ports.  RJ11, RJ45, Coax, HDMI/USB/SID, RS485/232/423, and Power.

Click is an OEM/ODM manufacturer for Chargers, Adapters, Inverters, LED Drivers.  They also manufacturer Transformers for; Power supplies, Solar inverters, Energy Storage, and EV charging.